The Worlds' First Reusable Ice Sculptures.
The Worlds' First Reusable Ice Sculptures.   

I have spent my career in hotels and catering. During that time I have always had a soft spot for ice scupltures. They make a stunning centrepiece  and are ideal for displaying food and keeping certain products cool. The downside though is unavoidable, they melt, the lose their definition and there is always the melting ice and water to deal with. It stuck me that there must be away of creating the aesthetic effect of ice sculptures without the mess. Something that will be unusual, easy to use, and reusable. After a few thoughts and discussions myself and few colleagues set about producing a product that looked like ice, felt like ice and was reusable thousands of times.


Unreal Ice was born. Handmade acrylic polyresin sculptures that look like real ice. No melting,No Mess and Less clear up time.

The Zen Platter.


The classic Zen shaped platter. Ideal for a variety of uses. Pictured above displaying fruit but it can be used equally for a variety of displays. The only limit is your imagination. Clear like real ice and like all unreal ice products it can be illuminated with LED lights to make a stuuning display.

in darker environments. Dimensions 69cm in length. 30cm in width. 20cm high.

The Fish Platter.


Ideal for displaying seafood. The latest design is slightly larger than the one pictured with two salmon facing each other. This product makes a stunning display on a seafood buffet and is ideal for seafood restaurants, hotels and caterers. This products has been bought for use by a Tesco fishmongers and a variety of seafood markets and restaurants world wide.Dimensions 68cm lenth. 38cm wide and 23cm high.

The Two Tier Display.(Two products for the cost of one)


Our most versatile and most popular product. This two peice two tier display is suitable for a multitude of uses. A wonderful centrepiece adding height

to any display and is ideal for fruit or a seafood display. It has been purchased by a number of hotels and caterers and ITV as a television prop to look

like real ice. Like all displays it can be illuminated to create a stunning display in darker environments. The two tier display is available in two sizes:

Medium 40cm High. Diameter 56 cm. Large 48cm High. Diameter 69cm.


The Raised Head Swan.


The classic raised head swan. A sculpture of serene sophistication. The classic display sculpture.


Ideal as table decoration and it looks stunning set on a mirrored plate and illuminated by LED lights.


One of our most popular products and has been purchased by a number establishments named after the Swan. Looks great as a stand alone sculpture

 and I've seen it most recently collecting business cards on a swan hotel reception.

Dimensions 45cm High. 35cm Wide. 23cm Depth.

The Clam Shell.


The classic clam shell. Ideal for displaying seafood and aquatic products. A large product that will create a focal point in any display.


Regularly used by caterers, hotels and restaurants and wholesales fish markets.


The sculpture comes in two pieces with the top shell full detachable from the base.


Dimensions - 81cm High. 43cm Wide.

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