The Worlds' First Reusable Ice Sculptures.
The Worlds' First Reusable Ice Sculptures.   

Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Unreal Ice Made of?

Unreal ice is made of food safe acrylic polyresin. Sculpted to be clear and reflect the appearance of real ice.


Are They reusable?

Yes absolutely. Just wipe them down after use or with a anti - bacterial spray if used to display food.


Are they heavy?

No, we have purposely designed them to be light and easy to use.


Are they hand made?

Yes, all the products are handmade and as such no two products will look

exactly the same.


Are they reusable and how long will they last.?

Yes, they are reusasble and can be used thousands of time. We have been selling these for seven years now.


Do the products come with handling Instructions?

Yes the products come with full instructions.


Do you ship worldwide?



Can I get these anywhere else (For example in your country)

No, we manufacture these products and sell directly rather than through a distributor.




I am happy to accept returns of unused products in their original packaging within 30 days of purchase.


The buyer is responsible for all

return postage costs.

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