The Worlds' First Reusable Ice Sculptures.
The Worlds' First Reusable Ice Sculptures.   

Price List


Prices                                 Cost     Sale Price      Hire Charges


Fish Platter                                   £320         £250                £30 Week

Clam Shell                                     £320         £260                £30  Week

Zen Platter                                   £235         £175                 £30  Week

Raised Head Swan                         £215         £160                 £30  Week

Two Tier Display (M)                    £349         £270                £40. Week

Two Tier Display (L)                     £499         £270                £40  Week


Prices are exclusive of Delivery.


Delivery Costs - £15 for all items with the exception of the two tier displays which are £30 as the product is shipped in two boxes.



Products are Available to Hire in the United Kingdom -


The minimum hire period is one or two weeks dependining on your location.

A £100 refundable deposit is required on all items.

Should you decide to buy at the end of the hire period, 50% of the hire charge

is deducted from the cost.



I am happy to accept returns of unused products in their original packaging within 30 days of purchase.


The buyer is responsible for all

return postage costs.

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